GPS for Bikes: How does it work?

To know where to install a GPS in a bike, you must take into account the functions of a tracker, they are the following:

  • Play the history of the routes that have been followed  (the time may vary depending on the model chosen)
  • Track Live
  • The duration of the batteries, which can be up to 60 days
  • Installation
  • Limit movement
  • Create alert zones to warn you in case you enter or leave them

The best thing about a bike GPS location tracker is that through a mobile application you can see the route being taken or where the vehicle is at the moment.

For this, the company that sells the product must provide you with the program that must be downloaded to use these functions, although in some cases it is included in the manual, you only have to follow the indicated steps.

GPS location tracker for bikes How does it work

Advantages of installing a bike tracker

In summary, installing a bike GPS tracker  can provide you with the following advantages:

  • Optimize security systems:  Whether for a vehicle or a transport fleet for work, you will improve and facilitate the safety of all your staff, in addition, you will know the location of all vehicles in the event of an emergency, such as accident, failure of the bike and even theft.
  • Theft prevention:  When a vehicle is stolen, it can mean the loss of the thousands of euros you invested in it. A tracking system is the most effective solution to avoid this problem since you can locate your bike in seconds. It is true that you need to make a small investment in this product, but prevention has always been better than cure.
  • Reduction of operating costs:  Each bike GPS locator has built-in software with which you can manage and know the routes that are made with the vehicle. Thus, you will be the one to decide if they are efficient (in case of being a company bike) or if it is used for purposes that are not authorized.

How to set up a GPS for a bike 

GPS setup is usually the most complicated part of the whole process. It is done by sending SMS and parameters such as the server IP, data transmission time, motion detections, etc. are established. It is highly recommended that the company that sells it to you is configured and connected to the monitoring platform.

Setting up the tracking platform is easier. Once you have accessed, you will see an interface that gives you the possibility to customize it to your liking and to activate or deactivate different functions.

One of the most common options is to create an area where the vehicle should not enter. An example is that of a company transport that makes a route through the Community of Madrid, you can configure it in the event that you leave your route or leave the Community. In this way, you will know if the worker does his job well or not.

How to set up a GPS for a bike to monitor location

You can also adjust some parameters so that more or less battery is consumed so that it starts transmitting data every time the vehicle starts and stops doing so when it turns off if you are using highways, tolls, or secondary roads and endless possibilities. in which you must spend time so that everything is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Other types of bike tracking devices that exist 

Although you already know the basic GPS trackers, which may or may not have a battery and must be hidden so that no one can locate them, you should know that there are also other models that can be of great help to you and that perfectly meet their objectives.

Other types of bike tracking devices that exist

An example may be a GPS locator in a cigarette lighter socket. In addition to being easy to install, no one will know that it is there since it  “camouflages itself”  and acts as if it were a real cigarette lighter socket. One of its advantages is that you will not have to be fighting with the cables, all you have to do is connect it and it will be ready to be used.

There are also GPS locators that use a GPRS or 3G connection, such as the  FM 1202. The main advantage of this type of product is its coverage. Since they use the same as mobile telephony, no matter how far it is, they can always send you a signal with the location where it is, improving your user experience.

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On the other hand, there are the  LPWAN GPS trackers, also known as  Sigfox. They are very similar to the previous ones, with the difference that they use a communication module instead of using the telephone network. The coverage is very wide, the battery has reduced consumption and it is not necessary to go to a professional to bikery out its installation.

Finally, there are Bluetooth locators. The main disadvantage is that they only serve to locate people or objects that are nearby. You can find out your stolen bike location. The battery consumption is very low and the costs are very small. They are not recommended for vehicle tracking.